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Our consulting service has one goal, and that is to help you maximize revenue growth by creating excellent business processes.  We have many years of experience with Product Management, Risk Management, Organizational change, Business Processes, Quality Management, Strategy, Technology and Web Presence.

We follow an iterative, phased consultation process, demonstrating value at every step.

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Every successful business needs repeatable processes.  Nobody likes to think about Process, but the only way to run a business while avoiding getting bogged down in the details is to have effective processes in place.  We are experts in creating simple, lightweight yet highly effective processes for software development, document management, release management and all other aspects of your business. 



It is crucial that you select the right technologies to run your business on.  You need to leverage technology to provide the most business value for the least cost.  Let us help you tailor your IT systems to the demands of your business.



We can help you go beyond a simple web presence and create a holistic marketing strategy, including dynamic websites and social media integration.